Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Fair Day at Fair Hill

Mountain biking! Gorgeous fall day! Well-maintained single-track! NO CRASHES! Heaven?

Let me say this: MD spends alot of money on their state parks and recreation areas...and I am totally down with that priority. These were the nicest trails I've been on (not that I've been on a whole lot, but hey). Lots of miles, lots of range in difficulty, nice climbs, fun descents (that I would bomb down if I weren't still a mtn bike it is, I do more of a slinky). They were well-marked for the most part, except when it mattered unfortunately! We found ourselves with the sun setting, in the muck down by the river and dwindling hours before the ALL IMPORTANT birthday Eagle's game and nary a trail blaze to be seen. Don't ask me whose jersey that is. Its a child's large and Darco got it for $10.

Below are some more pictures. One of these days I'm going to bring my real camera to get some nicer riding shots. I'll make Darco ride back and forth in front of something picturesque and look like a Legitimate Mountain Biker. Or alternatively, a Mountain Biker Who Crashes Dynamically.

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