Monday, February 23, 2009

Lance Armstrong Hates Satirical Costumes

...and those who wear them.

Generally, I respect Lance as a cyclist, even though I have no doubt that he dopes ("Most Tested Athelete in History notwithstanding). But doping doesn't create a champion. Obviously it helps, but his path to dominance over the rest of the (also doping field) is insane, machine-like, monomaniacal discipline and work ethic. The man has earned his titles, I would never dispute that. Beyond that, he's definitely used his fame and money for a good cause- the man has pretty much single-handedly raised millions for cancer research and treatment.

However, I don't think much of Lance the person at all- he is, by all accounts, an arrogant, domineering, diva-prick. But that very prickishness is what leads to awesome hilariousness like this scene from the Tour of Cali, where Lance confronts his doping demon:

(photographic denouement after the jump)

You can't see it in this sequence, but the syringe pitchfork-toting devil is emblazoned with "Live Clean" on the back. Take that, cancer patients!

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  1. hehe...that series of pictures is absolutely priceless! A valuable lesson in dedication and perseverance on the part of the costumed avenger. Oh, and it also taught me how to deal with my inner problems: stiff-arm them! Love ya sis, hope things are well. Say hello to yer beau for me!