Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good Start

1. During the inauguration day (!), Obama ordered a freeze on all pending Bush regulations for a legal and policy review. Way to waste no time in cleaning that filth out of the system, buddy.

2. A midnight legal filing ordering a halt to the Guantanamo military tribunals with an eye to closing the detention center and, yknow, no longer pissing on the constitution and the geneva conventions.

3. And, in more of a symbolic than substantive move, the traditional prayer service at the National Cathedral was conducted by a female preacher for the first time ever. It also included more than 20 representatives of different faiths, including woman leaders of Islam and Hinduism. Stick that in your "big tent" and smoke it, GOP!

I await the forthcoming "series of announcements both on domestic and on foreign policy that I think will be critical for us to act swiftly on."

Rock out with your Barack out, America!

1 comment:

  1. um, Rock out with your Barack out?

    Yeah, really, whatever else Obama does or doesn't do from now on, he's already a better prez than Bush2 ever was.
    One has to wonder, where did the intelligence genes go after Bush senior?