Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Probably my one ski adventure of this year :(

Not gonna lie...probably not going to get to any other Holiday Odyssey chapters. >.<

But as consolation, here are some pics.

Darco picking his line through the trees at Ski Santa Fe.

Me parsing the (annoyingly irregular) mogul fields.

And, to induce straight-up jealousy, this is Darco's sister's backyard:

Hidden in that cloud is the back of the ski mountain. So. Un. Fair.


  1. Yeah, and the property line is a little past the arroyo, so look for the dip, where the next hill starts, almost to that house in the distance...

  2. At least you got to have a skiing adventure! I wanted to go with you, but I got snubbed...not really, but I DID want to go with you. count your blessings sis!