Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Dose of (hilarious) Surreality

Presented without comment: an Iraqi journalist throwing his shoes at President Bush.

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  1. So, what I really find funny is how quick various new outlets are showing their cultural knowledge by explaining that shoes are, indeed, considered very unclean objects in Muslim religion (which is why shoes are taken off prior to entering a mosque). Well, yes, I know that and understand that about the religion. But, c'mon, just watching that video it's pretty obvious that that guy is attempting to insult Bush. I mean, Jesus, if I was a public figure I got any object thrown at me, it's a sure sign that I'm being insulted. So, Ashley, I have to thank you for not affronting my intelligience and telling me what a huge dis it is to throw shoes in Iraq. You got it right on the nose: the point is that Bush got shoes thrown at him, which fucking rocks! It needs no further elaboration! Hooray! I wish I could have been there and tossed my own pair as well...and, finally, shame on those other journalists who were too pussy to express their inner feelings via shoe throwing!!!