Friday, December 12, 2008

Not-so-virgin Mary

If only everyone were so honest about their fetishization of religious icons. You know there are naughty young evangelicals who have illicit "Jesus 'saved' me" (winkwinknudgenudge) fantasies. WWJD, yknow? Too bad Playgirl is kaput- no Jesus in a centerfold for us. But, while I am absolutely not going to do the research, I'm willing to bet that the dark n scary crevasses of the internets have plenty to offer for that sort of kink.


  1. Ha! Jerry Falwell is rolling over in his grave...

  2. Rolling over or getting off? (Eeeew...must. wash. brain.)

  3. I think they call that a lobotomy...or, even better, a modified Ludovico Technique to instill some horrorshow love of Bog in that thick litso of yours! You just need some serious pro-religion conditioning to stop your sick and twisted mind from thinking such thoughts. Also, this conditioning should be done to a soundtrack of some sort...say to the tune of, I don't know, perhaps Beethoven's Ninth????!?!?!?!