Monday, December 8, 2008

"Welcome to my hanging"

Just regular old Bushy unfortunate word choice or intentional (though weird) joke? I really hope its the former, cause I hate it when people I loathe display self-awareness. Takes all the fun out of mocking them.

Well, most of the fun.

Anyway, /cheer that Bush defiled my city for (hopefully) the last time. He joined us for the Army/Navy game ( least it wasn't the Eagles) and then to the Union League to see the unveiling of the above portrait.

The Union League is like a trojan horse of Republicanism in the heart of our staunchly Democratic burg. It occupies a really beautiful building smack in the middle of our Avenue of the Arts and I'm pretty sure that no one who actually lives in Philadelphia ever enters it. Founded in 1862 to support the policies of Pres Lincoln, the club has now basically become a place for rich white men to fellate other rich white men that have been elected to public office. And such it was with Bush's visit!

Bush was added to the League's famous collection of presidential portraits. To the wonder of exactly no one, the collection includes only one democrat (Jackson) and all but two repubs (Harrison and Harding). Bush is the first since Hoover to be included on the wall 'o fame while still in office. He also recieved the League's "gold medal", which has been bestowed on only 37 people since 1862. Incidentally, Bush's Asshole Triumverate, Cheney, Rummy and Ridgey, have all received it too! Quelle suprise, no?

But really, Union League, who are you trying to fool? This ceremonial nonsense just reads as desperation from where I'm sitting. Showering honors on him as though he wasn't the worst pres EVER won't make his legacy any more impressive.


  1.'s schmucks like this that actually believe that Bush was a solid president, however ludicrous it sounds to people like you and me. Plus, handouts or some other such benefit? I doubt Bush (or Cheny or Rumsfeld) will be forgetting this award anytime soon and that can only mean good things for the Union League. The best part, ironically, is that their name sounds like a group of superheros sworn to protect humanity against PURE ev-ile, like the fruits of the DE-VIL!!!

  2. Union League powers ACTIVATE! Form of: REGRESSIVE TAX CUT. Will they triumph over the Evil Welfare Queen? Stay tuned!